We is among the small galleries worried about its future in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we have quite uncertainty about how the economic scenery when comes out of this lockdown. Economic downturn, Health crisis, The spread of Covid-19 may spell the permanent end of business. In other words, severely affecting our ability to fulfill our mission of presenting new work by emerging artists. GALLERYAN ASUKAYAMA has decided to temporarily close the gallery. With no clarity on when programs might be able to start again・・・
The contemporary art gallery "GALLERYAN ASUKAYAMA" has been working to popularize contemporary art, mainly in urban areas.   In 2023, We will take over a large piece of land in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, and we will be moving back and forth between Tokyo and a farming village. We excited about new challenges every day, such as farming and fishing in the great outdoors of Yamagata, as well as preparing to open an inn. Rural areas are rich in nature, history, culture, and other elements that bring new possibilities to contemporary art.   While carrying on what has been done in the past, cross-disciplinary activities and people-to-people exchanges that are different from those of the past are already beginning to emerge. Therefore, by collaborating between contemporary art and food (agriculture, fishing, forestry, etc.), we would like to make rural areas function as art centers and expand the scope of contemporary art.GALLERYAN fans, stay tuned for new news.